Prague trip – report

1st day – 4.3.2016

Check in to accomodation 
After short nap we went for a walk to see the castle and part of the Old Town and also to the restaurant called Čertovka for a beer/hot chocolate.
In the evening there was a party in Karlovy Lázne, which is the biggest club in Central Europe.

2nd day – 5.3.2016
During this day we had program with girl from ESN section Prague from Charles university, she gave us tour around the city, explained monuments.
After we went to eat to Výtopna, which is place where train will bring you your beer.
In the evening we planned another party in Fashion club, but before we went to local pub called U krále Brabantského, where we played a lot of games.

3d day – 6.3.2016
Sunday program was optional, it was free time. Train from Prague to Bratislava