Everybody needs place to live so here you can find out more about your living possibilities - especially dorms but also short information about apartments. 

In case of private apartment rental it is recommended to sign a lease with your future landlord defining precisely the terms of the stay in the apartment. The apartments should be provided with basic pots, dishes, linens, etc. If you choose to rent an apartment, we strongly suggest you to consult it with your Erasmus coordinator or buddy. Prices per person vary deeply depending on location, number of persons and the space inside the apartment. 



For the academic year 2018/2019.

The accomodation for Erasmus students is divided into two different dormitories.

Vysokoškolské mesto Ľudovíta Štúra - Mlyny

This "student town" located only 6km from the city center (10 min by bus) is designated for students from Faculty of Management, Philosophy, Pharmacy, Social and Economic Sciences, Education, Physical Education and Sports, Mathematics and Physics.


The accommodation for Erasmus students will be located in the block called "Šturák". The layout of the rooms at the dormitory called "Šturák" is divided in cells. Each cell has four rooms (2 x double and 2 x triple rooms), bathroom with shower and toilet. Two 2-bed and two 3-bed rooms form a unit that has its own bathroom. Unit is equipped also with two refrigerators and internet access (it is necessary to have a cable for internet connection which is not included in the payment for accommodation). Kitchen is shared for entire hallway out of unit. A laundrettes are situated in several buildings. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at student canteens as well as snacks and beverages. The accommodated students can enjoy their leisure activities located on campus.


Official page of the Mlyny dorms: click here.






Dormitory Družba

Students who are going to attend faculties of: Medicine, Law and Natural Sciences have their accommodation located at dormitory Družba located just 5 minutes from the city centre by tram.

Official page of the Družba dorms: click here.

  • at this official page you can find step by step guide how to book and pay for your accomodation

  • Price list of Družba is here.

  • Application process.

  • Exact location of dorms is here





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The Flatio company is expert at medium-term rentals. It is intended especially for those who want a few-month-long accomodation, most often for business visits, studying, staying as part of the Erasmus Programme or while reconstructing their own home. And also for those coming to visit their family and friends from abroad.


There are also some private dorms in Bratislava. Please note that the price of those dorms is usually 4-5 times higher than price of university dorms. The prices is usually from 200€/month. However private dorm are more confortable in general. There are few dorms like: Student House  or Student Residence.