Become a part of ESN family!

  • Are you Slovak who came back from Erasmus? 
  • Do you want to have your Erasmus encore?
  • Do you want to experience Erasmus+?
  • Do you want to meet a lot of foreigners? 
  • Do you want to organise various events, attend a lot of conferencies, meet awesome people?





You can become a part of wonderful ESN family as: 

  • Buddy: Your task will be helping exchange students with various of need. The most important will be to pick up them from airport or station. Then you will becomes basically their best friend, you will spend some time with them, help them with their first days in Slovakia and with practicalities and off course go with them to some party, shopping, cinema or whatever you will love to do :) You can be buddy even if you are foreigner, we just require that you lived in Bratislava at least few months. 


  • Active Member wants to be involved in ESN activities (local, national and international projects). We will send you the list of possible areas of the activities you can be part of. Do not worry to choose this option - being part of the ESN is not a slave work, but it's about ... FUN ... friendships ... GROWTH! It's up to you which option you choose, based on your selection you will be contacted by our coordinators with more information. This option is open only to Slovak speaking students, becase the working language of ESN Slovakia is Slovak. However we invite all foreigners to join our activities and help others students by becoming a Buddy. 


ESN is a non-profit organization full of young volunteers who:

  • Develop their language skills
  • Gaining valuable experience in the areas of CV: Project Management, Time Management, Fundraising, Public Relations, Human Resources, Virtual Marketing, Promotion, Events Organizations, Negotiations, Communication skills, LEADERSHIP...
  • They have the opportunity to develop their own project, their own team with the full support of ESN
  • A lot of travelling inside SR + EU
  • Create valuable friendships around the world
  • They work at local, national and international projects
  • Have the benefits of ESN partners (discounts, free tickets...)
  • They have the opportunity to go on an international internship within any section of ESN International

How much time it takes you? You choose the frequency and the amount, it is only up to you how much do you want to learn, how much do you want to experience, how much time do you wanna spend...

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