For the detailed guide how to get to dormitories please check this page.

✈ Airport M.R.Štefánika - Airport Bratislava

How to reach city center from the airport? The cheapest option is by bus - you have two buses nr. 61(N61 as night bus) and 96 leaving directly from the airport. Another option is by taxi, which can be a bit expensive since you dont speak slovak. If there is no buddy to pick you up, you can always ask him to order the taxi for you (in case you dont want to travel by bus). On the other side, you can call Uber, which could be helpfull as well and you have also discount with ESN.

Bus nr. 61 links Airport Bratislava with the city centre in the direction from the Main Railway Station (Hlavná železničná stanica).
Bus nr. 96 in the direction from Petržalka, Prokofievova.

✈ Vienna Airport (Flughafen Wien - Schwechat)

Vienna Airport is located approx. 50km from Bratislava. The journey by bus takes up to 1 hour.  There are 3 main bus companies going to/from Vienna airport to Bratislava. Prices of tickets start from 1€ (bought in advance online). Tickets can be also bought directly from the driver if there are free seats.



Public Transport

You can buy a season ticket for one week, one month, three months or one year with your ISIC card. You are entitled to get REDUCED fare.

If you want to buy a pass for public transportation with your ISIC, you can do that at these places.

You can also buy it in special multi-function ticket machines, list is here.

Eventually, you can do it also online, but the version is only in Slovak (maybe for people speaking Slavic languages) 

Buy only zones 100+101 (Bratislava city), it is for whole Bratislava, other zones are only regional.



Check the map of all daily lines of transport here

Map of night lines

Map of ALL lines (inc. regional buses and trains)


Buses, Trolleybuses, Trams Schedule

For routes and schedules you can also use google maps. Just use Transit function, all schedules and routes are integrated there., you only need to click on the bus stop. 


You can use all types of tickets and passes in all means of transport (buses, trams, regional buses and regional trains). All tickets are valid for both day and night. All tickets are changeable, so you can you as much as you want of buses, trams etc.

Bratislava region is divided into the multiple zones and tickets can be bought for the multiple zones, but you will travel mostly within the city so do not care about zones, only about time of the tickets.

Before you get your ISIC card you have to buy NORMAL ticket !!!, not REDUCED. After you get SLOVAK ISIC card you can also buy reduced tickets. If you will use reduced tickets before you get Slovak ISIC you risk a fine.

There are more types of tickets:

Tickets bought from machines or from regional buses can look different, but they are the same, they have the same validity.

You can also buy SMS ticket, but you can do it only from a Slovak mobile number. 

!!!Don’t forget to stamp your ticket in a stamping machine, otherwise, it’s not valid!!!

If you don’t have a valid ticket, minimum fine is 50 €, they check the tickets quite often. So, always have a TICKET!!!


You can also use app (it is in English) for checking public transport connection, maps, routes etc.
Download here:

 - Android 

 - iOS




In Bratislava if you take taxi from the street usually you pay 2-3 times more than calling it or using application to call it. Price from the street is around 1 – 1,5€/km and some drivers can ask even more if they see you are foreigner. So always call or use app for taxi, never take from street.

  • THE BEST possibility is to use Uber which is the cheapest (free first ride, use code: matejb4). Thanks to cooperation with ESN you get also 20% off for first 3 rides, more info here.
  • Uber is the most secure option - you see rating fo drivers and they cannot charge you more. You pay by app only, never by cash. 


When traveling to dormitory, simply tell the driver to take you to Mlyny Dormitory/Družba Dormitory. Maximum price from Airport should be 10€, from Bus Station 7€, from Train Station 8€.


Transport by train

Students up to 26 years coming from EU countries can travel by trains in Slovakia for free. First you need to get your special card at any train station in Slovakia and after you can start buying tickets with zero fare.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Passengers entitled for zero-fare transport services are required to register at ZSSK cash desks
  • Upon registration, they will obtain their rail customer cards that will allow them to get zero-fare tickets for travelling by trains
  • Zero-fare tickets are passenger-specific and train-specific (for long distance trains only), i.e. the tickets are non-transferable and  bound to a specific train
  • Zero-fare tickets are bound to long-distance trains of R, Ex, EN, EC, SC category


What documents you need in order to register for zero-fare rail customer card?


  • For full-time students under 26 years of age who are enrolled in study programs equivalent to study programs  available at schools and universities in Slovakia
  • Students are required to submit confirmation of enrolment for the current  academic year together with an official translation to Slovak language ( for documents in Czech language translations are not necessary) and an ID card or passport (+ profile picture)


There are several train companies in Slovakia. The biggest one and state owned is ŽSSK. You can buy zero-fare tickets, regular tickets or (for people who are not entitled to free transport or for international trains) or find other information here. ( )

Another train company is RegioJet (Student Agency), which is private and operates mostly IC trains, which are the fastest and most comfortable option for long-distance travelling within Slovakia or to Czech Rep., although they are not for free, only with up to 50% discount upon presenting your ISIC. The same company also runs busses to multiple cities in Slovakia, to Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary. You can check schedules and buy tickets here.

You can check all the train and bus connections here(there is possibility to switch the language)


Transport by bus

There are several bus companies in Slovakia which offer connections to other Slovak cities or neighboring countries. If you are travelling for longer distances we recommend buying ticket online.

Below you can find links to several bus companies:

  • RegioJet (Student Agency) – mentioned above, the same page for trains and busses. Busses to various Slovak cities, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and a lot of other EU cities. 
  • Slovak Lines – Bus company for regional busses in Bratislava region and long distance busses to other parts of Slovakia and Europe
  • Flixbus - Also partner of ESN. It offers a lot of routes from Bratislava - to Austria, Hungary, Czech, Poland and also other Slovak cities. With ESNcard you get 10% off. Check it here.
  • Eurolines 
  • Polski Bus - busses to Poland


You can check all the train and bus connections here(there is possibility to switch the language)

Eventually you can check connections also by using app:

 - Android

 - iOS