During the Social Erasmus Week (29.4.-4.5.) 4 ESN CU members visited the Spojená škola sv. Vincenta de Paul as part of Erasmus in School.

We took part in an English lesson with the students of the class Sexta (Sophomores). Two of our Erasmus students from the Netherlands participated as well. They gave a terrific presentation about their homeland and its culture. They showed some videos so that the students could picture it better, asked them questions about their knowledge of the Netherlands and in return they got asked about it also. Jan and Milan taught the kids to count to ten in Dutch, plus few useful phrases. You could tell by the looks on their faces that they really did enjoy the lesson. We have to mention that the Erasmus students even prepared a game for them to practise their English skills.

Our next stop was a Spanish lesson with the class of Septima (Juniors). Jordi, exchange student from Spain, came to present his country and entertain the kids with games such as ,,Who can name the most FC Barcelona players?" (surprisingly the girls won) or singing Spanish songs to practise their Spanish.

We were happy to meet 40 students from Spojena škola sv. Vincenta de Paul and we look forward to working with them again in the future.