Like every year, ESN CU Bratislava took part in the SocialErasmus project also this term and engaged international students in a number of volunteer activities. Social events, which took place in the winter semester of 2014 included donations for 2 hospices for homeless people, Erasmus in Schools and Dog Walking.

With the help of new international students, our ESN-members gathered various things left behind by former erasmus students and brought them to the hospices „Mea Culpa“ and „Domov pre každého“. Dishes, appliances, food and clothes, everything was gratefully accepted and provided to those who need it the most. Students got the picture of the life of homeless people in Bratislava and all of them were very pleased to have participated in something, that needs to be done.

As to Erasmus in Schools, we visited two different grammar schools at the same day in Bratislava with Erasmus students from France, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania and Netherlands. At Grammar School Hubeného Erasmus students from Ireland, Netherlands, France and Lithuania presented their countries at English lesson to students. The second grammar school that we visited was Grammar School Vazovova. We went there with Erasmus students from France and Spain. The experience was interesting for both sides, it means for Erasmus students as well as for students of those grammar schools. Moreover, also teachers were very satisfied that we came and students had chance to speak in foreign languages that they have been learning at school.

Who is the best man´s friend? I bet that your answer is dog. That´s why we went with Erasmus students to dog shelter “Sloboda zvierat” which is quite close to the dormitory. We went there two times per semester and both days went great. We had a lot of fun with dogs. Even it was not so easy to walk these dogs as it was more running than walking from time to time, it was funny and amazing experience. At the end when we had to return dogs to the Dog Shelter it was heartbreaking to leave them in their cages. At least we hope that we made a great day for them. We will return there for sure in the spring semester