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Maybe you've already heard about Student drop of blood, which took place at some faculties. It will also be at the Faculty of Management on November 12th from 8:00- 11:00 and as ESN we decided to go together. It´s a perfect opportunity how you can help somebody who really needs it. 


Who can donate?
- healthy person between 18-60 years
- minimum weight of 50 kg
- two weeks after finishing antibiotics
- two weeks without fever/diarrhea
- one week after dental treatment (drilling, tooth extraction)
- not during menstruation (+/- 3 days) and pregnancy, one year after pregnancy
- 48 hours after preventive vaccination
- noherpes
- not on long-term medication 
- no surgery, tattoos, acupuncture treatment, ear piercing or other body parts, blood transfusion or plasma, endoscopy within the last six months
- not after infectious hepatitis B and C, in the case of infectious hepatitis A (eg. a child) after a certain lapse of time; 
- not HIV/syphilis positive, no sexual partners of people with those diseases within the last year
- not risky-behaving individuals

MEETING POINT : 9:30 on a bus stop Zimný štadión (bus number 39)

12/11/2015 - 09:30
  • Everyone is invited.