Being an erasmus student definitely is a life-changing experience. It is a great opportunity to make a huge step forward, to meet many new people from all over the world and to get to know a new country. However, at times, the new environment may seem scary. At the beginning of the erasmus exchange, you do not really know the place, don't know anybody, may get lost easily etc. This is why we would like to recommend some very useful apps, except the very basic ones like google maps, that can help you and save you a lot of time and nerves.


You can do your erasmus exchange also in a country, whose language you do not know. The studies/internship may be in English (or any other language you speak fluently), but the country's official language may be totally new to you. For a easier and better stay it is always very useful and polite as well to know at least some of the basic phrases. It is always very nice to be able to greet someone, introduce yourself, ask for directions etc. in the language of the country you are staying in. There are many language apps out there you can try, but VocApp is very easy to use and thanks to its repetitive system of flashcards you may remember the basic words and phrases easily. If you are not a beginner in a language, you can try courses for intermediate or advanced learners and push your language skills even further. This app is available both for Android (Google play) and IOs (App Store).


Photo AiD

While traveling it is necessary to have required documents. Every country has different requirements and one can get easily confused. Sometimes the whole erasmus process is very quick and stressing, that we may not have time to look everything up on the internet. If it is a passport, visa, public transport card or ESN card, you will need a required  photo. is a website app that works like a passport photo booth. It is a fully automatic passport photo creator - it allows you to quickly, simply and easily take pictures for any official document such as an ID card photo, passport photo or visa photo (biometric photos). On the website, in addition to a tool that helps you take professional photos for your document, you will also find current requirements, guidelines, sizes and useful tips on how to easily take various document photos. There is also a special version for making passport photos with the iPhone.



TripAdvisor is a free travel guide and research website that offers reviews and information. Whether you want to find some nice restaurants for a dinner with new international friends, or are looking for an interesting exhibition in a local art gallery or a cosy café bar to get a cup of coffee after a long day, this app (or websitel) will help you find the right spot.

Circle of Six

Safety first! Especially in a foreign country where you are not really familiar with the environment. The Circle of Six app works on both Android and iOS, and was designed for university students to keep connected with close friends. The app is particularly useful for locating lost friends on nights out and also allows users to send their circle of six friends an instant call for help at the touch of a button. The GPS tracker will mark your location on your friends’ devices, ensuring you’ll always be able to find one another if necessary.



Don't fail your exams, even though you are busy enjoying yourself in a new country with your new international friends. GoConqr offers resources to create revision charts, mind maps, flash cards, notes and quizzes, as well as the ability to connect and collaborate with friends, classmates or students from around the world.


Wise drinking

As we all know, Erasmus is not only about studying. Parties are a huge part of every Erasmus exchange and ESN helps with its organization. Of course, you are a student, so it is natural to have some fun. However, you shouldn't get off the hook too much and become irresponsible when it comes to alcohol. The responsible-drinking app WiseDrinking charts how much you’ve been drinking, gives you suggestions about how much is safe, lets you know the optimum time to call a cab, and maps your location in relation to public transport services.


Other apps

There are many other very useful apps that can make your Erasmus stay even better. For example, don't forget to maintain your health thanks to various fitness apps, healthy eating apps or healthy sleep apps. Also, don't lose contact with your friends and family back at home thanks to video call apps like Skype or Whatsapp. Be always prepared for your classes thanks to student planner apps and always know what is going on in the country you are currently staying through local news apps. There are many options, all you need to do is choose the right one for you on Google play or AppStor. Enjoy your Erasmus to the fullest!

You can find the pdf file with all the useful apps attached below :)

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