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New semester always means new welcome week for us, so as usually we worked hard to prepare awesome welcome week for you. There were many events from Monday till Sunday and because our erasmus students are really awesome and love fun, they attended all of them! Each of them was fun and you were able to get to know each other, talk to ESN members, make new friends and many memories.

So how did it look like? Let's start from Monday.

On Monday you started your welcome week journey with matriculation ceremony.

Once upon a time, I got an offer to join an Erasmus + Project in Trabzon, Turkey. The project was for international participants, the main topic were NGO's and their promotion. By chance, I met with the president of ESN Murcia (Spain), Cristina Cervantes. It was a really great opportunity to exchange and talk about our experience with Erasmus students. We shared the ideas to make our international students feel more comfortable during their stay.

 Do you guys know about St. Nicolaus day?

Here in Slovakia on December 6th St. Nicolaus with his helpers - angels and devils - are going around houses, checking windows, if children put their clean shoes there and checking the list, if they've been good or bad. In case they have clean shoes and they've been behaving well, they will get sweets, which are put inside shoes.

Each year in our dormitory ESN CU creates St. Nicolaus event and they go around asking erasmus students to sing a song!

Like every year, ESN CU Bratislava took part in the SocialErasmus project also this term and engaged international students in a number of volunteer activities. Social events, which took place in the winter semester of 2014 included donations for 2 hospices for homeless people, Erasmus in Schools and Dog Walking.

ESN CU’s got a new PR team!

We are here to find a new direction for ESN CU’s marketing. We hope we can manage that and make it even better than it already is. Our first new project is making a video that would feature an Erasmus student answering three easy questions about their stay here. Starting this week you will get to see a new one - weekly.

Here you can find a whole playlist! →

During the Social Erasmus Week (29.4.-4.5.) 4 ESN CU members visited the Spojená škola sv. Vincenta de Paul as part of Erasmus in School.